Date: 2015-05-18 05:34 am (UTC)
fredless: (LongNights by Lollobrigida)
From: [personal profile] fredless
Fred bit down on the inside of her cheeks. It served two purposes. To fight the wave of nausea passing through her -- and to keep her reply from coming too quickly. To seem at if she wouldn't give his any consideration at all.

Because that was one of the few things she couldn't promise. She'd given up too much, lost too much over too many years to not fight back now. She needed to start going over every chart, ever sample inch by inch.

And because she couldn't lie to Wesley, especially now....

"I'll try," Fred put the offering between them, her voice sounding strange again. Because that's all she could give him, right then. No matter how much she wished things were different.

She could see, right there on his face, how scared Wesley was. And Fred realized that worried her more than anything else. Because if Wesley was at a loss?

"...they have really bad pillows here," she tried, shifting stiffly in the bed. Five minutes from now -- maybe even three -- they'd have far bigger, more frightening things to focus on. But just for that moment she wanted something that was just theirs. That first night he'd stayed over after his apartment was firebombed felt like a year ago now. "Really, really bad pillows. Somebody ought to let them know."
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