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Labcoat - Arrived with.
Pony Tail Holder - Arrived with.
Glasses - Arrived with.
Three ballpoint pens and two pencils - Arrived with.
Lip Balm - Arrived with.
Blackberry - Arrived with.

Glass Horse - Created by Merlin
3 Glass Beakers - Acquired in Gebo
Black, shimmering hair ribbon - Created by Merlin
Small stuffed bunny - Gift from Merlin
'Bottom-less' Bag - Acquired after Nightmare Event
Angel's Stake? - TBD

Set of kitchen knives - Taken from dorm
Two pillows and one set of full sheets in white - Taken from dorm
Two Blankets - taken from dorm
Two notebooks - Purchased in Gebo
One bar of soap - Purchased in Gebo
Underwater breather - Acquired in Gebo
Hairbrush and razor - Pre Gebo
Toothbrush and toothpaste - Pre Gebo
Deodorant - Pre Gebo
Set of hair pins, two barrettes - Purchased in Gebo
One sauce pot, one stock pot, one frying pan - Purchased in Gebo
Four sets of flatware, one large spoon and spatula - Purchased in Gebo
Four place settings of dishes - 'Luxury' good from Gebo. Main 'indulgent' purchase. Detailed and delicately made.
Three candles - Purchased in Gebo
One tin of coffee - Gebo
One spool of twine - Purchased in Gebo
Mortar and Pestle - Purchased in Gebo
Scissors - Taken from dorm/Gebo
Clothespins - Approximately 50 / Taken from job at laundry
Small containers of sugar and salt - purchased in Gebo
Small Radio - Taken from work in gebo (Update : Given to Tony)

Two Sets of Pajamas
Three sets of 'Gebo' uniforms
Two pairs of 'Gebo' boots
Two pairs of 'Gebo' gloves
'Work' clothes consisting of skirt, blouse - Wearing when she arrived
Blue dress, red flats and necklace - Worn at Christine's party
Simple swimsuit - Acquired at Pool Party
Brightly colored silk kimono - Acquired in Gebo
Three bras
Seven pairs of underwear

(Clothing other than uniforms to be totaling no more than 3 weeks worth of items purchased to be used against multiple seasons. Will hopefully sort out every item)

Specific Outfits :

Other clothing items owned :


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