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It'd been a bit of a week.

Ok, it'd been a bit of a month.

And really, Fred was refusing to quantify any most time than that because there was no telling what she'd have to label it then. But all she could think was things were getting worse. Lorne was shill recovering, and she could tell he was doing his best to still mask how he was struggling. And honesty it wasn't what he did but why he felt like he had to that kept her up at night. He'd been broadcasting just for a day and they'd been all but run over. (And a bit drunk) What must he be going through, every day, with whatever they were broadcasting at them.

She did didn't fully understand what they'd done to Charles. And not understanding anything was high on Fred's lists of dislikes. Angel was still clearly rattled by what'd gone on with Spike. And Spike? He was still working on remembering he needed to go opening doors again. And he seemed like he might be just a bit rattled too. To add to all of it, Fred was more than willing to admit she'd been a little bit frustrated that all her attempts to recorporealize Spike had been one-upped by a box of air. Heavy or not, if what Harmony said was right. By the time she'd finally got her sensors on it to attempt to get some sort of reading? There's been nothing. Or rather, the absence of anything.

And the one person who might've understood her rambling on about just how hard -- no how universally impossibly it was to generate that kind of nothing? Was fresh back from his sabbatical and still avoiding her.

Or at least talking to her.

Which as much as Fred understood it? She was just as much done with it too. More than done actually. Which left her riding on the elevator for a good twenty minutes straight until Wesley was finally waiting on the other side of the door.

She leveled a gaze at him, curious if he would try and find a way to excuse himself out of this one.
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