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Fred stood in the center of the Executive Office's extremely well appointed shower, letting the hot water pour over her still-sensitive skin. There was one pleasant rush of awareness after the other as each turn under the shower head brought with it a specific memory --

Or two.

Back. Shoulder. Waist.

They all seemed to have something to say that morning, not that she particularly minded listening. And? She was smiling. Even if there wasn't a mirror nearby, she could feel it in the way droplets clung to the corners of her mouth. If she and Wesley were still intent on keeping things a secret -- and their hadn't been any conversation saying otherwise -- she was going to have to stay in the bathroom for a good while longer. Because Fred was absolutely certain the expression of her face wouldn't do anything right now but raise questions.

As Fred washed her hair she tried her best to turn her thoughts in a different direction, like to the strange sarcophagus that'd been in her lab that morning when she stopped by to pick up a change of clothes. It definitely wasn't anything she had been expecting, and it was also old. Really old, judging by her initial examination. She managed to expose a small potion of it (and a bit of ancient dust in the process) while looking it over, but nothing much more than that. Only the clock on her wall and the knowledge that if she didn't shower soon the whole building would know she was wearing yesterday's closed had eventually nudged her towards the showers.

By the time she was trying off her curiosity was running rampant again. After she dressed Fred realized that if she hurried, she might have a few more minutes alone with the sarcophagus before the day really got going. Maybe Wesley would be interested too...

Darn it. There were those thoughts again.

They were going to have to do something about that.
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