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Fred stood in the center of the Executive Office's extremely well appointed shower, letting the hot water pour over her still-sensitive skin. There was one pleasant rush of awareness after the other as each turn under the shower head brought with it a specific memory --

Or two.

Back. Shoulder. Waist.

They all seemed to have something to say that morning, not that she particularly minded listening. And? She was smiling. Even if there wasn't a mirror nearby, she could feel it in the way droplets clung to the corners of her mouth. If she and Wesley were still intent on keeping things a secret -- and their hadn't been any conversation saying otherwise -- she was going to have to stay in the bathroom for a good while longer. Because Fred was absolutely certain the expression of her face wouldn't do anything right now but raise questions.

As Fred washed her hair she tried her best to turn her thoughts in a different direction, like to the strange sarcophagus that'd been in her lab that morning when she stopped by to pick up a change of clothes. It definitely wasn't anything she had been expecting, and it was also old. Really old, judging by her initial examination. She managed to expose a small potion of it (and a bit of ancient dust in the process) while looking it over, but nothing much more than that. Only the clock on her wall and the knowledge that if she didn't shower soon the whole building would know she was wearing yesterday's closed had eventually nudged her towards the showers.

By the time she was trying off her curiosity was running rampant again. After she dressed Fred realized that if she hurried, she might have a few more minutes alone with the sarcophagus before the day really got going. Maybe Wesley would be interested too...

Darn it. There were those thoughts again.

They were going to have to do something about that.

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Wesley had had an interesting morning. The day had barely begun but he'd already made some headway in investigating Knox. His methods had been a little intrusive, but still, what had been discovered was some cause for concern. Not necessarily damning, but... most definitely suspicious.

It was with the information he'd gleaned already that he was coming to see Fred. Of course, there were other reasons Wes might be wanting to see her again. Many of which had to do with the wonderful time he'd had the previous night with her. It had been difficult to keep focused that morning, in fact, when his mind kept drifting back to Fred pressed up against him, breathless and flushed with passion. Had the others noticed how different he felt? He was finding it hard to stop from smiling at the most inopportune moments.

Perhaps Fred would be free for lunch. Even if they weren't yet ready for the others to know, they could always use their interdepartmental collaboration as a pretext for it.

He headed up to the lab, file tucked under his arm, only to be confronted by something rather surprising. A stone sarcophagus, clearly ancient in origin...

Date: 2013-03-16 08:05 am (UTC)
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Her smile warmed him and made his stomach flutter in a way which would be embarrassing if anyone knew. She'd showered and changed, he could see the dampness in her hair. There was a part of him which couldn't help but feel conspiratorial, since she'd stayed over at his place.

He shook his head, offering a wry smile in return.

"I wish it was from me, but I've no idea what this is. Perhaps you have another admirer. One who knows how to impress a particular girl more than I do."

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"Oh, you are, are you?" Her words inspired him to return the teasing banter. The way that Fred looked at him was making him have all sorts of inappropriate impulses. She was close enough to touch, to pull into his arms again. It was difficult to resist. The temptation was such that he had to glance down at the sarcophagus himself. An effort to make himself think straight. Who knew that her proximity could be so maddeningly distracting.

But then he frowned, her words penetrating his pleasant morning-after haze.

"You haven't put it through quarantine first? But Fred, that's the protocol. It needs to be cleared before you get to study it closely."

Date: 2013-03-16 09:01 am (UTC)
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He hadn't meant to put her on the defensive, so he sighed and tried to move past his initial concern.

"No, that's not why I came to see you. And this is your department, you get to make the call, I just...well, I just have vested interest in your continued well-being, that's all."

A more rueful smile appeared briefly and he reached out to gently squeeze her arm. A non-verbal indication of his regard.

"Actually I came to show you what I've found out about Knox already. I had a few of our black-ops men go through his apartment this morning while he was gone. Don't worry, they're trained to leave everything the way they found it. And I'm not proud of employing them, but I think you might like to see what they discovered in their search."
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At Fred's furtive glance, he also turned to check that they weren't being overheard.

Satisfied that they were alone, he produced the file for her to peruse.

"It's not conclusive, but it's worrying. They found some drawings which were out of place."

He pulled out the images for her to look at.

"Doodles you could say, but still..."

The drawings were in ink, variations of a strange tentacled creature. Fantastical in setting and proportion. But also sketches of Fred. Unfinished portraits which were accurate and obsessive enough to set Wes' teeth on edge.

"If nothing else, I would say he has an unhealthy fixation on you."

Date: 2013-03-16 09:08 pm (UTC)
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Wesley wasn't so dismissive of the demonic drawings. Partly because he hadn't seen anything like it, not of that size in comparison to the little humanoid figures which had been drawn surrounding it. Worshipping it? Perhaps it was something from Knox's own twisted imagination, it certainly had a Lovecraftian sensibility. He was going to look into it, however, just in case.

He could tell that Fred was disturbed by the drawings of herself. And quite rightly so. To have made so many, from different angles and in different poses. It was obvious that Knox was obsessed with her to a point which made Wes question what he was capable of, especially now that Fred had rejected his romantic overtures. It reminded him of the drawings Angel had made when he'd been spiraling out of control over Darla.

"It doesn't matter if you weren't ever that intimate with him. Clearly, in his mind, you're-"

Wes frowned and put a steadying hand to her back.

"Fred? Are you alright?"

Date: 2013-03-17 02:24 am (UTC)
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"Neither did I, as I recall. I think you were at least partly to blame for that. You wore me out." He gave her a teasing smile in return, remembering just how they'd filled those hours. But still, that didn't quite ease his concern for her.

"Promise me that you'll go straight down to the cafeteria after this and get yourself a muffin or muesli bar."

He wanted to reach up and stroke her cheek, but the chances of them being walked in on was rather high.

"Are you sure that's it? Just lack of sleep and food?"
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The kiss surprised Wes. It was bolder than he'd dared to be. His hand moved to Fred's shoulder then, to at least try to reciprocate with a gentle squeeze.

"Good. We'll both need to keep our strengths up. Especially if you're expecting a repeat of last night in our near futures. Perhaps I ought to be subscribing to the nearest gym."

It was clear from his expression that he very much hoped that he'd be worn out in a similar fashion soon.

Glancing over his shoulder at the mention of Knox, he grew more serious and nodded grimly.

"Yes, lunch sounds perfect. I think we're going to take him in for questioning later today. It seems prudent, considering the circumstances."
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"Absolutely not. I have no intention of letting you down, nor turning you down, should you wish a repeat performance." His gaze was warm and glinting with subtle humour.

"You look as alluring as you did last night, Fred. But I'd probably say that even if you were dressed in sack-cloth and I've seen you in sack-cloth."

His hand caressed her upper arm for a moment before he reluctantly pulled away. Something about what she'd said was puzzling, however.

"Why are you dusty? Didn't you just have a shower?"

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"Fred..." Wes was doing his best to keep the concern out of his voice, to not immediately launch into a lecture. But for Fred to have exposed herself like that? He couldn't help but shift into protective mode. "I don't need to remind you, of all people, that fungal spores can last for a millennia if the environmental conditions are right. Whether the dust made skin contact or you inhaled some of it, it might be best that you get a routine medical check up. Just to be sure that everything's okay."

Date: 2013-05-05 05:04 am (UTC)
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There was a brief pause where he inwardly debated the merits of lecturing her anyway, but, in the end, he couldn't help but relent. It was Fred, after all, and he didn't want to make her feel as though he wasn't on her side.

He instinctively embraced her, prying eyes be-damned, and then reluctantly nodded.

"Absolutely. But I hope you won't hold it against me if I keep an eye on you, all the same."

He wasn't quite ready to admit to just how deeply his feelings went, regarding her well-being. But surely he didn't need to spell it out to her, either.

Date: 2013-05-25 04:47 am (UTC)
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Fred's reply couldn't help but make a smile tug at the corners of his mouth, despite his previous concern.

"That I can promise."

He chuckled softly at her 'doctor's note' quip.

"Duly signed and notarised, I should hope." He teased back, but then her question made him ponder an answer. "What about that diner on 21st street? I feel like some comfort food."


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