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Alone in the executive washroom, Fred stood in front of the polished mirror and studied her reflection. Several seconds ticked by before she reached up and tugged the elastic band from her hair, the released strands immediately falling about her face. Fingers worked their way through the worst of the tangles with enough force that she actually caught herself wincing.

Another breath as she stared back at herself, and more seconds ticked by. It still wasn't right. Her denim jacket bore the brunt of Fred's attentions next as she yanked it off, immediately rolling it into a ball and dropping it into her bag along with the elastic hair tie. The faint, acrid smell of gun smoke still lingered in the fabric.

And that was the real issue, wasn't it.

Despite the jokes and the ridiculousness and all of the felt, Wesley had been in very real danger today. Real enough that for more than moment, Fred had forgotten their mission. The words that she'd been tasked to say. Some giant purple mascot from a children's tv show had attempted to take a fire extinguisher to Wesley's head and --- even now most of it sounded absurd. But what wasn't absurd? Was how she'd felt, in that split-second. And now the notion that she might not've been able to stop it? That he could have been seriously hurt -- or worse -- without hearing how she felt?

And she'd been trying. She had. All week, really. Even that last ditch attempt with her car being in the shop. It didn't need to be in the shop, but it was. All for an excuse to somehow to get Wesley back to her place and ---

Well, she didn't precisely know the 'and' yet. But likely there would have been Chinese food. And an opportunity to talk. And some time away from the office and everything that'd been pressing up against them of late.

But was it really Wesley's fault? That she hadn't made things plain enough? Her mama would have a fit to know how she'd been shirting around the issue now that her heart had settled on something. Heck, she was having a fit. Or at least her insides were it seemed like, whenever she got close to Wesley these days. Fred couldn't quite sort out how the whole office hadn't seen by now.

She had to see him. Right now, even.

Abandoning her bag on the tile floor Fred made her way the short distance to Wesley's office and without bother to knock, slipped inside. Her gaze searched, and found him standing in the far corner. Good. He was still here.

"I just got off the phone..." It wasn't that far from the truth. That had been the last call she made before leaving her lab. The hospital had been very optimistic about their patients' recovery. "...looks like the kids are coming out of their stasis."

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Wes turned when he heard someone entering his office. It was Fred, looking particularly pretty with her hair down around her shoulders. He found himself smiling a bit in greeting, still on a high from their having completed a successful mission for once.

"That's excellent news. I'm glad we were able to shut down the operation in time. That was good work back there. I'm tempted to steal you from the science department the next time we have a difficult latin incantation to perform under pressure."

Date: 2012-08-17 04:52 am (UTC)
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"Yes, we did. But then, I've always thought so in the past. Who says there needs to be brains and brawn when there can be brains and brains...and a well-aimed revolver."

He was referring, of course, to her having come to his rescue with the purple puppet. It felt wonderful to have finally made a difference in a tangible way. The good guys had won and the victory hadn't been tainted by the law firm's influence.

"Thank you for that, by the way. Being extinquished by an eight foot plush monster would have been a bit of an undignified way to go."

He closed the book on his desk and straightened a few things.

"Score one for our side. Since it's a new month and everything."

Date: 2012-08-17 06:10 am (UTC)
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Being bathed in one of Fred's beaming smiles was certainly a lovely way to end the day and it was nice to know that she had his back, even though he knew it also applied to Angel, Gunn and Lorne.

Then he gave her a slightly bemused look. Not when -- what? Fred had hesitated there for a moment and he'd almost been sure she was going to say something else. When she referred back to their private joke instead, he nodded, trying to hide any disappointment he might have had. Clearly he'd been mistaken.

"I have too. It's made a world of difference, actually. Just letting go of things which were weighing us down. Trying to look positively toward the future."

He moved around to the front of his desk and then over to the side where his jacket was draped over a chair. He reached for it.

"I don't know about you, but I could really do with reacquainting myself with my bed again. A few too many all-nighters are starting to take their toll, I think. I've drunk more coffee in the past few days than I have all last month." He did his very best to stifle a yawn which was threatening to make itself known.

Date: 2012-08-17 06:41 am (UTC)
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"I was planning to. You should get some rest as well. We've both been burning the midnight oil a little too diligently lately." He wasn't quite understanding why she would think it would be a bad idea. Unless she was allowing her workaholic tendencies to take over again. His expression softened.

"Considering what we've just accomplished I think you can give yourself one night off, Fred. You've more than earned it. Is your car still in the shop? Should I call around a driver again?"

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Fred's car was fine? He didn't understand, why was she suddenly rounding on him as if he'd just insulted her? Then it dawned on him: he was being condescendingly patronising again. Just like he had been when his fake father had come to visit.

"No, of course not. That's not what I meant. It came out wrong. I just..." What had he been trying to do? To take care of her in his own small way? But she was right, she could take care of herself. She'd more than proven it that day. And of course she could pick up a phone. He hadn't been thinking clearly.

Or...was there more to it than that?

He could have offered to drive her home, but he hadn't. Why hadn't he? They'd grown closer in the past month, but her interest in Knox was still in the forefront of his mind. Just because she was single now, it didn't mean he had a chance with her. How many times had he imagined she might feel something more than friendship only to find out how wrong he had been? No, he didn't have the courage to try again. Spending more time with Fred outside of work was becoming problematic, a reminder of what he couldn't have no matter how close he got. And besides, what they had now, he didn't want to ruin it with another misunderstanding. Didn't want her to pull away from him again.

"I value you, Fred. I thought I'd been making that more clear, in fact."
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Wes' brow creased more noticeably. What was she trying to say? Or make him say?

"Different? Not exactly. We've been relying on each other more of late, but it's understandable given the circumstances and that's what friends do, isn't it? Help keep each other afloat." He deliberately used her own analogy since it was an appropriate one.

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Of all of the reactions or responses he'd expected from Fred after his answer to her question, a kiss was not one that he'd anticipated. Not in a million years.

He'd been about to offer another protest but whatever he'd been intending to say flew completely out of his head at the shock of Fred grabbing his face and pressing her lips very deliberately to his.

To say that he was utterly surprised and stunned would be an understatement. In fact, he was struggling to form a coherent thought, let alone a coherent sentence. He gaped at her.

"What was- where did- you aren't...under a spell or compulsion right now, are you? Have I fallen asleep at my desk? I have, haven't I. Or I'm lying unconscious somewhere. That has to be it."

He finally murmured, somewhat breathlessly. This had to be a dream. An incredibly vivid one, admittedly, but what other possibility could there be? Because Fred had just kissed him. Of her own accord.

Date: 2012-08-17 09:32 am (UTC)
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Fred was smiling up at him. From her expression, the kiss hadn't been an accident or a mistake. But how...when had things changed between them? What had he done to earn her romantic interest after all of this time? He'd actually given up, had finally reconciled himself to the fact that it was never going to happen and tried to support her as best he could as a friend.

And now she was threatening to kiss him again.

Why was he just standing there like a moronic prat, blinking at her mutely? He ought to say something. Do something.

It was really happening. Fred was looking at him in a way which left him no doubt that she actually saw him. Not someone else in the room. Just him.

It was an indescribable feeling. Wes' heart suddenly felt lighter than it had been for a long time. He wanted to smile. Wider than he ever had before.

"Perhaps you ought to, otherwise I may be forced to pinch myself instead."

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Wes wasn't planning on bolting. Running away or moving anywhere from the very spot he was in, right at that moment, was the last thing on his mind.

It still felt surreal, however. At least in those few anticipatory seconds before she kissed him for a second time. Then their lips met and it felt very real indeed: how close she was leaning, the faint warmth radiating from her which could become even more tangible if he dared to reach out and pull her closer, the soft but unmistakable tantalising brush of her lips against his.

This time Wes was ready and kissed Fred back. It was still a little tentative, almost as if he was afraid that she would bolt, or disappear in a puff of smoke; a figment of his over-stressed mind. But she didn't. Letting out a faint sigh of relief, he allowed himself to relax more into it, settling a hand against the small of her back, pressing closer at last. His jacket fell to the floor to free up his other hand as well, so that he could embrace her properly and caress or cup her cheek if he wanted to.

If this was really happening, then he wanted Fred to have no doubt, either, as to how he felt. Had felt for a very long time. The questions could wait until later, he didn't want to ruin this moment. He didn't ever want to forget it.
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He was finally starting to recover from the initial shock. Fred wanted him. Actually wanted him. It was like a prayer being answered that he'd fully given up on. He sighed against Fred's mouth, drawing her more tightly to him, the years of longing and waiting finally paying off in a way that he wasn't sure he'd be able to completely control. But he would restrain himself as much as he could. The last thing he wanted to do was to scare her off.

Still, his kiss was passionate enough that he could easily picture his own restraint unraveling if she wanted it to. It was such a rush, having her close and in his arms at last.

Apparently miracles did happen, after all.

Date: 2012-09-10 01:20 pm (UTC)
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A memory tugged at him, of an earlier far more furtive kiss. One which Wes had known he hadn't deserved to claim from her, but he'd done it anyway. Damn the consequences. This kiss couldn't have felt more different. This was daybreak after a long, dark, harrowing night. As right as the other had somehow felt wrong. This felt like home. He exhaled another soft sighing breath against Fred's lips, surrendering to the desire he felt for her. Being this close, having her kiss him back so eagerly, it was fast making rather him giddy. His heart was racing madly already, almost fit to burst with the joy of discovering just what it meant to be the man Fred wanted to be intimate with.

They were going to have to stop soon, or part long enough to let him lock the door. But he didn't want to stop. Still, they were at work, someone could walk in at any second...

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"" Wes echoed, staring back at her, his lips still tingling a little from their recent contact. He was still reeling a bit, but in a good way. Quite frankly he felt like the luckiest man alive and all the heartache which he'd endured previously were but a distant memory in the wake of this new, fresh and surprising development. "Hello, indeed." He couldn't not smile at that moment. A quiet, almost shy upturn of the mouth giving a visible sign of how much she'd lifted his spirits.

The questions could wait, although the first one coming to mind right in that instant was 'so where do we go from here?'

For the first time in ages Wes was feeling a heady rush of excitement, an eagerness to explore a new unknown. Nervous anticipation of the most delicious kind. Suddenly the future didn't seem so bleak and uncompromising. Not as long as Fred was beside him. Looking at him the way that she was right then. The office didn't seem the appropriate place anymore, though, to continue this 'discussion'.

"Shall we...?"
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And just like that she was gone again. He couldn't help but feel the absence. And yet the warmth lingered, on his lips and his cheek. In his heart.

She would be right back, she'd said. He believed it. He certainly had no objections to going back to her place for breakfast. He bent down to pick up his jacket again. Then moved to pen a note for his PA. He had a feeling that they were going to need the morning off, at the very least. Angel would understand.

He switched off the lamp and then headed to wait for Fred at the door of his office.

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