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Fred tilted her neck left, then right as she tried to stretch out protesting muscles than ran straight down the length of her back. When it didn't immediately work she yanked and twisted her hair up into a haphazardly crafted bun, if only for the brief distraction it gave. A pencil held the dark curls in place.

Work, it seemed, didn't stop for any reason at Wolfram and Hart. Not even the loss of a friend. Just as many projects sat piled on her desk the next morning, if not even more than usual. Varying levels of projects and research -- all of it requiring her personal attention at one point or the other. If their clients were anything (besides all-too-often evil), they were demanding. It felt as if she'd been buried in the lab for a week now, with only Knox for company.

She was quickly coming to the conclusion that wasn't doing him any favors. Fred had used Cordy's death to push off their plans two nights before, and he'd appeared to sense her heart just wasn't it in. Of course, if she was being honest, it was somewhere else entirely.

But right now it wasn't about her heart. It was about her head. Blinking, Fred bent down to reexamine the slide on her microscope again. Maybe this time it would make some sort of sense.

Date: 2012-07-27 03:32 am (UTC)
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Wesley was having the sort of day where everything had frayed on his nerves. Some of his staff had picked up on his mood and given him a wide berth as much as possible. It wasn't as if he was the sort of employer who disembowelled his employees for not doing things to his satisfaction, but he did have a way of coldly cutting down a person which was apparently just as effective.

Right now, unfortunately, his ire was directed at Knox and the Science division. He entered the lab with Knox hot on his heels.

"It has to be a flaw in the design or in the machining. One or the other. And before you claim otherwise, I went over the spell components myself, personally, with the mystical equivalent of a fine toothed comb. The enchantment was exactly to specifications."

"No, I get it, you're proud of your work, you're the magic expert or whatever, but that doesn't mean that you're completely infallible. Especially after losing one of your own last week. Because, damn, that's gotta hurt. It'd be enough to put anyone off their game. Just saying." Knox replied, a seemingly sympathetic expression firmly in place.

Wes wasn't fooled. He knew when he was being deliberately undermined. He turned to Fred who appeared to be busy examining a slide. "The Trask experiment is apparently a bust."

Date: 2012-07-27 05:07 am (UTC)
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Wesley frowned at Knox's loaded word emphasis and physical placement beside Fred. It couldn't be more obvious that he was sending a message. Staking out his territory. No matter how charming and affable he seemed on the surface, Wesley was beginning to think that a far less trustworthy character lurked underneath. A shark.

Couldn't Fred see it? The fake smiles and faux concern. It was as if the man was going through the motions of what he believed was acceptable decent behaviour. But that was all it was: a dumb-show.

Without a doubt, Wes was starting to dislike the man intensely.

"We're going to have the debriefing in the morning, everyone was completely shattered, so I sent them home. Here's the preliminary report, however." He handed it to Fred, ignoring Knox when he reached for it as well.

Date: 2012-07-27 06:13 am (UTC)
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Knox was leaning in far too close to Fred. It set Wes' teeth on edge. He was relieved when she stood and then began to pace while she looked over the data. He was even more relieved when she, too, agreed that the magic was not the problem.

Then Knox was trying to end the discussion, even flaunting mention of a date and dinner at Wes. No doubt the man was savvy enough to know where Wes' true affections lay. Even if most of the steno pool apparently thought he was 'obviously gay'.

He couldn't help but bristle, however, when Knox claimed his own department's reports might be skewed. How dare he insinuate that he would alter the results to place the blame on someone other than himself? He always owned up to his mistakes. Always.

"No. By all means, run your own tests." Wesley replied, his tone extremely clipped and quiet. He never raised his voice when he got truly angry, quite the opposite. "Run a slew of tests, if need be. It will only confirm what it already says right here. It's the genetic inhibitor."

Date: 2012-07-27 06:56 am (UTC)
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While it was understandable, Wes wasn't sure how he felt about Fred stepping between them. Was it to protect Knox? Did she think Wes would resort to physical harm or threats.

Perhaps he was reading too much into it. She was simply trying to keep the peace. He forced himself to relax his stance and nod when she took over the meeting. Although he didn't feel she should take the blame if Knox had skipped corners on his side of the testing.

"We might still be able to salvage things, but it's going to take a lot of reworking. Not that any of it can be done tonight."

Knox didn't look particularly happy, and Wes took a small measure of grim satisfaction at that.

"Okay...sure. Let's call it a night, then. Fred?" Knox was looking at her expectantly. Assuming that he would drive her home, Wes supposed.


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